Advanced Service and Medical Care

Continuity of care is our goal to prevent patients losing vital time getting treatment. This can occur when the doctor at the hospital loses the patient to follow up or a stand alone service is provided at the SNF with out follow up when patient goes to the hospital. Our group is unique in its approach. We are on staff at all local hospitals and SNF’s to follow the patient, similar to a hospitalist group.

  • Surgeries, if needed, are performed by our group physicians. Communication is maintained with the family, PCP, and facility to ensure proper care as well as return of patient to the originating facility.
  • We make weekly visits to high risk wounds that require advanced care
  • Our service utilizes surgeons only. No PA’s, NP’s, or MA’s
  • EMR documentation is easy to read and is consistent from hospital discharge to SNF admission, and back. Our documentation identifies risk factors, prognosis, and treatment plans clearly.
  • We provide support during survey visits
  • Zero cost to facilities. We accept most insurances, and those patients with insurance difficulties will be seen as a charity service to the patient and facility.
  • Formulary supplies will be utilized
  • We are sensitive to the changing healthcare environment and make sure the patient receives prompt care to prevent added costs to the patient, facility or hospital.
  • Dermatology service offered
  • Podiatry service offered
  • Plastic Surgery service offered

The physicians and surgeons at Beverly Hills Wound Care Centers are specialists in Limb Salvage. If you have any questions, please contact us here.


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